Wasabi – medium

  Ultimate whitewater canoe paddle, the Wasabi ! Project of 2014, the goal was: a new style of blade, a construction strong enough to creek and do rafting, and the customization of the paddle. -2 blade sizes, small and medium, depending on your body or boating preferences. -4 shafts: soft or rigid, oval or round. -Several handles, including the famous T made of wood or carbon. -Adjustment system possible for those using the same paddle with multiple canoes.   Blade is carbon/foam-core, size 48 x 20 cm (medium blade).   If you choose adjustable paddle, specify length at the minimum (you will have 4'' adjustment).   Example of weight: Wasabi, medium blade, soft (stiffness) shaft, uncut and no handle = 700gr.  

Select Xblade (660)

  The Xblade paddle concentrates all the Select factory technological expertise. The blades are extremely thin, curved and responsive, offering a moderate blade flex for a very stable and comfortable swipe through the water. The Xblade is a very lightweight paddle, entierly made of prepreg carbon. Blades sizes 660 cm2. Your paddle will be custom built.  

Select Warrior (715)

  Select Warrior, this is a creek, river running paddle. Construction: - Carbon shafts. See below shafts available. - Carbon/foam-core blades. Blades size 715 cm2.
Your paddle will be custom built.
Example of weight: Warrior, blades 715, straight (medium stiffness) shaft, 200cm = 1070gr.


  Gut paddle, ultimate sprint racing paddle!   Blades sizes: -XXS: 470 x 157 mm. -XS: 480 x 160 mm. -S: 485 x 162 mm. -M: 500 x 169 mm. -LM: 510 x 172 mm.   Carbon shaft. Metal quick lock. Your paddle will be custom built!