Sales conditions

Except otherwise noted in writing by Kayak idéal, all orders are subject to the sales conditions stated here in, all of which the client accepts by doing business with Kayak idéal. Theses conditions override any contrary policy of the client.

1) Order:

Any order must be made in writing, letter or email, and must indicate: model, quantity, grade and price of the equipment needed, and cannot be considered as definitely accepted until Kayak idéal has approved it in writing.

2) Price:

Prices are provided in Canadian Dollars and do not include sale taxes. Our prices are as is in Kayak idéal premises, and do not include shipping and packaging. Except otherwise noted by Kayak idéal, invoiced prices are those effective when the order is placed and confirmed. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

3) Payment and overdue:

Unless otherwise noted, all invoices are payable cash. If the client wishes to pay later, a monthly interest rate of 2% will be applied to the invoice. Upon failure to pay any invoice within or at its due date, all invoices issued will become immediately due and payable. Any late payment will authorize Kayak idéal to request a cash payment before shipment of any further order.

4) Time Frames:

Time Frames posted are provided for information purposes and without any guarantee. No deduction can be made on the invoice by the client, whether it be for a Time Frame problem or any other reason, except in the case of statutory provisions applicable by law.

5) Delivery:

Our merchandise is shipped at the risks and perils of the customer. Unlading is the responsibility of the customer. At the time of delivery, we recommend you verify systematically the merchandise. This verification is considered as done at the time you or any person authorized by you signs the delivery slip. If, at the time of delivery, the original packaging is damaged, ripped or open, you must immediately verify that it contains all items ordered, and indicate on the delivery slip, with your signature, any anomaly concerning the shipment, as well as the nature of damages. You can always refuse the shipment or take the necessary action towards the transportation company.

6) Claim and return:

Any claim must be submitted, by email at, within 5 days following delivery. Any return must take place within 5 days following the claim, in the original packaging. Final sale, custom order, racing paddles, racing boats, and used merchandise cannot be returned.

7) Guarantee:

The products are guaranteed by the manufacturer, according to the billing date. Each manufacturer has its own warranty policy, please refer to it beforehand. To benefit from a warranty, contact us at The warranty is strictly limited to the repair or replacement of the equipment affected by a defect or a manufacturing defect. Any refund, in any capacity whatsoever, is excluded from the guarantee. The guarantee does not intervene on the so-called “wear” parts. The warranty is void if it is an abuse, a use that does not comply with the manufacturer’s recommendations, or an accident. The shipping costs are at the expense of the customer during the warranty.

8) Property reservation:

Kayak idéal maintains property of the goods sold until payment of the total price is effectively made. Non-payment can result in the claiming of the goods. These provisions do not interfere with the transfer to the buyer, at delivery, of the risks of loss or degradation of the goods sold and of the potential damages resulting.

9) Resolutory Clause:

In the case of failure by the buyer to uphold its obligations, the contract will be terminated by right in favor of Kayak idéal, without prejudice of damages which could be claimed to the party in default, with down payments already made being non-refundable.

10) Fortuitous Event:

Kayak idéal cannot be held responsible for the failure to execute or the late execution by the buyer of one of the obligations exposed herein in the case of a Fortuitous Event. As such, a Fortuitous Event constitutes any external, unforeseeable, and unstoppable event.

11) Recommendations for users:

Kayak idéal recommends users to strictly abide by publications and safety advice established by the Canadian Coast Guard and Transport Canada.